The ChargeXpress 25 delivers 25Amp diagnostic charging, with 25Amp Power supply mode features, and incorporates user programmable charge routines for Flooded, AGM & GEL batteries, maximising charging efficiency.. Midtronics ChargeXpress Pro25 intelligent charger, combines charge acceptance with battery conditioning, for optimal and safe charging. Supplied with 5mtr detachable heavy duty cables, delivering flexible power supply.

Suitable for Battery Types (User selectable, for optimal charging):

  • Flooded
  • AGM
  • GEL

Charging Output:

  • 25Amps

Power Supply Mode:

  • 25Amps

Cable Length:

  • 5mtr (15ft) detachable heavy duty cables


  • 205mm x 165mm x 100mm
S$ 1600.00