Professional booster pack with integrated charger, designed for starting vehicles with liquid electrolyte.

High performance booster BOOSTER  With its internal high tech pure lead Hawker battery (Starting current 1V/c = 640A, Peak current = 1800A), the GYSPack 650 is the ideal unit to start any vehicle up to vans or light duty vehicles.

Work on-site - Light (12kg) and robust, the GYSPack 650 can be easily carried on site without any effort. Long 1.40m starting cables with high quality insulated clamps for access to the vehicle. 

Safety- Audible and visual alarm to protect against inadvertent polarity reversal. Protected against overvoltage and short-circuits. No sparks when the clamps are connected. 200A externally visible and accessible fuses to protect against handling errors or defective vehicles.

Complete charge without supervision A major feature of this product is the high specification WUoU multi-stage charger integrated within the unit. Its advanced ‘floating mode’ allows the Gyspack being left on charge permanently (no supervision required). Visual LED charge status indicator.  

Additional feature of cigar-lighter connection to maintain or save vehicle settings (15 A fuse) while changing the battery. Memory save mode

S$ 980.00