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  • Low profile design for most of industrial applications.
  • Forging base as the strongest construction to catch the needs in industry market.
  • Housing welding onto the forged base makes to be free of leakage problem as well.
  • Telescopic design of AJ300 & AJ500 reaches the extra needed during operating to save
     time and labor cost much.
  • Telescopic design of AJ120,AJ220,AJB1527 and AJB2035 reaches the extra height    during operation to save time and costs.
  • AJB1527,AJB2035,AJB300 and AJB500 equipped with two large Dia. Rubber wheels provide the greatest convenience and mobility you need.
  • Air / Hydraulic design make you free pumping handle also with the most efficiency
    and time saving.
S$ 1720.00 S$ 4226.00 / 5