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EXP-800 Electrical System Diagnostics
EXP-800 Electrical System Diagnostics 

Get more out of your preventative maintenance routines with the EXP-800.
The EXP-800 combines base EXP technology enhancedments for battery and electrical system diagnostics with additional program management features, creating a new standard for battery and electrical preventative maintenance.

New Dynamic Conductance Battery Testing Technology

 •  Combines direct temperature measurement with deep scan technology to improve accuracy and decisiveness
 •  Advanced preventative maintenance algorithms for identifying batteries as they approach end-of-life

Advanced Electrical System Diagnostics Featuring Digital Signal Processing


Digital Signal Pocessing (DSP) create a digitized picture of the measured alternator output voltage to analyze the amplitude level and frequency of the diode ripple pattern for imrpoved accuracy and identification of open or shorted diodes and open phase conditions, (multiple diode failure or winding problems)

Superior User Interface

 •  Large graphical screen for icons and improved explanations
 •  Scroll bar capability means fewer overall screens
 •  Hot keys improve logic and flow

New Program Management Tools

 •  User ID system to help drive and manage product use
 •  Enhanced counters report testing data, including lifetime use, results dispersion, system test dispersion, and number of tests by user
 •  Help functions for troubleshooting and service information
 •  PDI test function for testing new batteries prior to delivery

Advanced Communications Capabilities

 •  Integrated printer to enhance and enforce the selling/service process
 •  Integrated data card read/write drive for simple software update capability and data storage

Part Number Includes
EXP-800 EXP-800 Analyzer , 4' Cable with Heavy-Duty Dual Conductor Kelvin Clamps, Soft-Sided Carrying Case/Toolbag, and Lead Stud Adapters
A033 Lead Stud Adapters
A149 4' Cable with Heavy-Duty Dual Conductor Kelvin Clamps
A156 EXP-800 Soft-Sided Carrying Case

Make a preventative maintenance routine, including battery and electrical system testing, part of your value-added solution.


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