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Refrigerant Recovery/ Recycling/ Recharging Machine - AR2788
Refrigerant Recovery/ Recycling/ Recharging Machine - AR2788 
The heart of AR2788 is the proprietary 1 HP CPS Cyclone™ oil less Hybrid compatible compressor providing up to 50% faster recoverycycles rates. A unique pending plumbing arrangement eliminates the use of all solenoid and check valves, both being highly susceptible to in-field when exposed to foreign contaminants such as aftermarket A/C Sealants.
The patent pending flow control technology and 6 CFM PRO-SET® vacuum pump allows you to evacuate systems up to 50% faster. Intelligent self diagnostic capabilities, proprietary 5 level modular design layout and quality USA manufacturing all contribute to create a solid unit you can rely on to run smoothly in those busy summer months. As an added features to the AR2788, all five modules are Takeapartable™ for ease in upgrade and maintenance.
Easy User Set-up & Operation
 •  No assembly required! Simply remove the packaging material and add refrigerant. Easy-to-follow instructional DVD and booklet included.
 •   Multi language selecable in English, Spanish, French, German, and Chinese
Rock Solid Construction
 •  The AR2788 emulates the appearance of a professional grade mechanics too box with all steel construction, high-gloss black enamelad finish and chrome trimming.
 •  Three integrated drawers provide convenient storage of a/c service tools and replacement filters
 •  Mobility around the shop floor is a breeze with heavy duty front casters and large rubber/tube tires in the rear.
Profit From Speed
 •  A critical component of the ARI J2788 standard states that a certified unit must be able to recover 95% of a 2007 Chevy Suburban's 3lb refrigerant charge (dual a/c) within 30 minutes. The AR2788 MACH 7 accomplished this task in less than 15 minutes! Earn greater return on your investmet with SPEED.
 •  Patent pending flow control technology enables faster and more accurate recovery, recycling and recharging.
Oil-less Compressor Technology
 •  Powerful 1 HP oil-less Cyclone™ compressor provides up to 50% faster recovery cycle rates, ensures compatibility with all hybrid oils and is MAINTENANCE FREE.
No Soleniods or Check Valves
 •  Exclusive patent pending plumbing arrangement eliminates the use of all solenoid and check valves, both prone to failure when exposed to foreign contaminants such as aftermarket A/C sealants.
Zero Downtime with Modular Design
 •  Advanced self-diagnostic software actively monitors all mechanical and electronic functions immediately notifying user of improper system operations.
 •  The TAKEAPARTABLE™ modular design enables "do-it-yourself" replacement of any affected module quickly and easily.
 •  Full system diagnostics are available via our toll free customer service hotline.
 •  Replacement modules are available for shipment OVERNIGHT for those customers located within the continental United States.
Other Features
 •  Battery back-up featurer ensures the proper shut down of machine in the event of a power failure
 •  High performance two stage 6 CFM vacuum pump ensures deep, fast evacution
 •  8 ft premium barrier service hises & couplers
 •  Uses DOT or EU approved cylinder
 •  Automatic air purge
 •  Large 4.5 x 2.5 LCD display


Models Tank Size
AR2788 50 lb with 8 ft. Hoses
AR2788B  92 lb with 10 ft. Hoses
AR2788E 40EU

Optional Items
Heater Blanket AR27XHB115 (300W/115VAC)
AR27X HB 230 (300W/230VAC)
ARXC Nylon Cover

12ft. Service Hoses

AR27xH16 16ft. Service Hoses
AR27XH20 20ft. Service Hoses
Power Convertible to either 115 or 230 VAC
Power Consumption 850W
Charging Accuracy ±.5oz (15 grams)
Recovery Accuracy ± 1oz (30 grams)
Pump Free Air displacement 6 CFM (170 L/min)
Dimensions 2.5"/53cm wide x 25"/64cm deep x 48"/122cm high
Weight (w/o tank) 175lbs / 80 kgs
Filter Drier size 41 cubic inches (Spare filters: ARXF5)
Scale cap/resolution 100kg / 2g
Access. Power Outlet Rating 350W, 115VAC/230VAC


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