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The Eliminatorâ„¢ Electronic Refrigerant Leak Detector - LS3000
The Eliminatorâ„¢ Electronic Refrigerant Leak Detector - LS3000 

Fully automatic electronic refrigerant leak detector for all HFC, HCFC, CFC, SF6 gasses & blends. Exclusive POWERSHIFT software automatically monitors, controls & adjusts all critical instrument settings to ensure maximum leak search results under any job environment. Two separate visual LED displays enables user to pinpoint the exact location of leak source & the approximate size of that leak.

Technical Specifications
Sensor Type

Cold Cathode Diode: Patented design allows fast, accurate detection of refrigerant leaks maintaining maximum sensitivity throughout the life of the sensor. Highly resistant to background contaminants including heavy condensation, oils, leak solutions, brake oils, radiator coolants, washer fluids, etc.


Sensitivity Fully automatic selection allowing detection of a 0.25oz/yr (7g/yr) leak rate of HFC.

Leak Indication Audible Alarms: Two user-selectable audible alarm option (HIGH and LOW intensity)

Tachometer Visual Display Tachometer-like bar graph display: Eight high intensity LEDs

Gearshift Visual Display Arranged in a gearshift pattern, 7 LEDs indicate the current sensitivity range of the unit and subsequent leak size

Flex Probe 14"/35.5cm long, 0.25"/6.4mm diameter

Operating Temp 0 to 140°F / -18 to 60°C

Power 75 hours battery life using three size "C" alkaline batteries. Auto OFF after 10 minutes of inactivity.

Low Battery Indicator Right most LED on Tachometer display illuminates to indicate low battery condition.

Weight 1lb 2oz / 500g

Warranty 2 years excluding sensors and batteries



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