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  1. Patented standard divider design on the top lid storage allows changing storage spaces at your option
  2. Powder coat finish
  3. Chest cover lid stay keeps cover from accidentally closing
  4. Hemed edge for body to add strength and safety
  5. Quick release design on ball bearing slide can easily be removed for replacement
  6. Drawer detent ( stopper ) prevent unintentional opening of drawer for replacement
  7. 100% open ball bearing slide
  8. Heavy duty side handles
  9. Alum. extrusion drawer's handle with cardboard and PVC strips to list content of drawers
  10. .2mm Protective drawers
  11. "X" shape embossed at top and middle chests bottom provide better strength
  12. Rubber pads under the bottom of four corners prevent chest slip
  13. Chest cover automatically locks drawer when cover is closed
  14. Drawers are interchangeable

Steel Thickness:

Body : 0.8mm

Drawer : 0.7mm

Drop-front: 1.0mm

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