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Truck Pac - 1600 to 3200 Peak Amps
Truck Pac - 1600 to 3200 Peak Amps 

3200 Peak Amps - 12 volt DC Power Supply / 1600 Peak Amps - 24 Volt DC Power Supply

Heavy-duty, High Capacity
Enough Power to Start a Variety of Engines Sizes

 •  Heavy duty thermo clamps
 •  Powered by two 12 volt sealed, lead-acid batteries:
- 12 volt systems use the batteries in parallel
- 24 volts systems use the batteries in series
 •  Features a switch for selecting 12 or 24 volt starting power and turning the unit off
 •  DC outlet powers a variety 12 volt accessories
 •  Recharge from any 12 volt AC or DC power supply
 • 12 volt charger is included





Benefits :

 a) Instant jump start on defective battery or low voltage batteries on ski, cars, trucks, prime-movers, cranes tractors,buses, pallet trucks, boats and airplanes etc.
 b)  Instantly charged the battery or batteries within seconds or minutes depending on the conditions of the batteries
 c) Prevent power surge affecting the engine timing of the car system
 d) Protect the computer chips or circuit board of the electronic control unit if jump start by booster pac
 e)  Protect the memories of the electronic gadget of the car by connecting booster pac with power cord female cigaarette lighter in order to retain memories while changing the faulty battery
 f)  Instantly enable you to know whether the dynamo or alterbator is defective
 g) Is handy for automatic transmission vehicles whe battery is out or flat, as the vehicle cannot be pushed manually 
 h) Can operate most AC appliances such as laptop compurter, fax machines, telephone systems, portable TV, portable fridges from the current supplied from booster pac by connecting a power inverter and can be used anywhere.
 i) Act as a standby battery (UPS)
 j)  Portable cordless and rechargable; charger and power cord is provided
 k)  For commercial, industrial, leisure, police and fire engine dept as well as military application
 l)  Warranty: 1 year from date of purchase 
(subject to product being misused and abused)


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