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EXP-1000HD Electrical System Diagnostics
EXP-1000HD Electrical System Diagnostics 

Advanced battery and electrical system analyzerfor commercial/fleet vehicles.
The EXP-1000HD is the electrical system pro's news best friend. This advanced battery and electrical system analyzer provides proven Conductance Technology with enhanced test algorithms for unparalleled accuracy and decision making. With the latest advances in battery testing technology and improved electrical system testing, the EXP-1000HD features:

Specially Designed for HD/ Commercial Fleet Market

 •  Battery pack testing for effective preventative maintenance testing
 •  Multiple battery routine: 1-6 batteries included in the test process and on the printed test report 
 •  Special commercial battery algorithms for Group 31 batteries, 8D, and 4D batteries
 •  truck vs. automotive selection sets application specific parameters for system and cable drop testing

New Dynamic Conductance Battery Testing Technology

 •  Combines direct temperature measurement with deep scan technology to improve accuracy and decisiveness

Advanced Electrical System Diagnostics Featuring Digital Signal Processing


Digital Signal Pocessing (DSP) provides the abilityto analyze the amplitude level AND frequency of the diode ripple pattern for improved accuracy and identification of open or shorted diodes and open phase conditions, multiple diode failure or winding problems.

DMM Function for Advanced Diagnostics

 •   AC/DC Volts  •   Temperature
 •   AC/DC Amps  •   Ohm meter
 •   Diode test  •   Scope mode
 •   Volts/Amps mode    

Patented Conductance Cable Drop Test

 •  Interactive routines using dual cable sets for more effective analysis of voltage drop across chassis ground, starter system, alternator system, and generic system testing

Enhanced Communications Capabilities

 •  IR printer option
 •  Data card  reader/writer for future upgrades

Advanced User Interface

 •  Large graphical screen for icons and improved explanations
 •  Scroll bar capability means fewer overall screens
 •  Icon-based menus and hot keysimprove logic and flow

Program Management Tools

 •  User ID system to help drive and manage product use
 •  Enhanced counters report testing data, including lifetime use, results dispersion, and number of tests by user

Part Number Includes
EXP-1000HD EXP-1000HD Analyzer, 1.5' Battery  Test Cable, 10' Cable Verification Leads, DMM Probes, Carrying case, and Stud Adapters
ESP-1000HD AMP EXP-1000HD Analyzer, Amp Clamp, 15' Battery Test Cable, 10' Cable Verification Leads, DMM Probes, Carrying Case, and Stud Adapters
EXP-1000HD KIT EXP-1000HD Analyzer, IR Printer, 15' Battery Test Cable, 10' Cable Verification Leads, DMM Probes, carrying Case, and Stud Adapters
EXP-1000HD AMP KIT EXP-1000HD Analyzer, Amp Clamp, IR Printer, 15' Battery Test Cable,10' Cable Verification Leads, DMMProbes, Carrying Case, and Stud Adapters
A018 1A-700A Amp Clamp
A028 10' Cable Verification Leads
A033 Stud Adapters
A087 IR Printer
A106 EXP-1000HD Carrying Case
A126 DMM Probes
A139 15' Heavy-Duty Battery Test Cable

Perform preventative maintenance testing in less than five minutes to reduce operating costs and increase the reliability of your fleet.


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