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Pro-Set® Oil-Less Recovery / Recycling Unit - AR 500S
Pro-Set® Oil-Less Recovery / Recycling Unit - AR 500S 

The AR500 is a light weight portable recovery/recycling unit. It is perfect for small shops, agriculture, off road, tractor, and mobile service. It comes with a hoses, coupler & with or without tank.

 Compressor Type 1/3 hp rediprocating oil-less
 Recovery Rate .75 lbs. per minute vapor, 3lbs./min liquid 
 Refrigerant Clearing manually self clearing valve 
 Operation Single pass recycling 
 Evacuation Rating * 28" hg. After self-evacuation open discharge valve to atmosphere while running the unit
 Operating Temp Range 32ºF to 132ºF
 Weight 24 lbs. (tank is additional weight)
 Warranty 1 year parts and labor

 Model : AR500S
 Power Supply 230 VAC 50/60 Hz 
 Gauges PSIG/KGCM 
 Fittings 1/4 SAE
 Tank Size 50 Lb.
 Refrigerants Class3, 4, & 5*




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