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Digital Amp Clamp/Meter AMP-100 / PDF-40 AMP
Digital Amp Clamp/Meter AMP-100 / PDF-40 AMP 

Brand: Midtronics

Product Code: Digital Amp Clamp/Meter AMP-100 / PDF-40 AMP

Item Description:  Portable Multimeter 

  • Low level DC amp range for easy detection of excessive parasitic drain
  • 200A DC amp range measures system output level for advanced starter diagnosis
  • Small jaw size allows for fitting into tight places and ensures accurate measurement
  • One touch zero button also simplifies operation, allowing the current reading to be used as a zero reference value for all other measurements or to remove the offset value caused by the residual magnetism
  • Hold button freezes the reading on the LCD when measurement points are reached but the display is not visible
  • Max/Min button to display and update either the max. or min. measurement when activated
  • Probes make it a useful tool for all pinpoint diagnostics like finding shorts and voltage drop tests
  • Rugged design and protective carrying case for the designed for harsh environments

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