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MCC-070-CH-5UK Controlled Charger
MCC-070-CH-5UK Controlled Charger 

Brand: Midtronics

Product Code:MCC-070-CH-5UK

Item Description:  MCC-070-CH-5UK Controlled Charger

  • Quickly and safely charges batteries with battery chemistry-specific charging
  • Supports a wide range of service charging applications
  • Flexible charging capabilities with configurable voltage and settings
  • Supports automated over-the-air software updates and data analytics
  • Battery chemistry-specific charging technology (Flooded, AGM, EFB)
  • Manual and automatic charge mode selection
  • Supports reflash, quickfill, power supply, and full charging
  • Float charge and top-off modes
  • Large color screen and intuitive app-based interface
  • Stops charging in unstable battery conditions
  • Configurable minimum / maximum voltage output: 12.0 – 14.4 VDC in 0.1 V increments
  • Configurable tool and shop settings

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