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FA1000 - Deluxe R134a Recovery/Recycle & Recharge w/8' Hoses & 50 lb.Tank
FA1000 - Deluxe R134a Recovery/Recycle & Recharge w/8' Hoses & 50 lb.Tank 


Brand: CPS

Product Code: FA1000

Item Description: Deluxe R134a Recovery/Recycle & Recharge w/8' Hoses & 50 lb.Tank

FA1000 Key Features

  • Integrated manifold gauge set. Visually see how the mobile A/C system is operating. No manual valves to open or close
  • Large Graphic LCD to view operating instructions. Languages include English, Spanish, French, German, Chinese and more
  • A highly accurate electronic charge scale
  • Microprocessor Integrated mass flow system keeps track of how much refrigerant has run through the filter drier giving the user maximum amount of run time on each filter (150 LBS per filter)
  • Cartridge type 41 inch cubic filter drier. Mounted directly on the storage cylinder for optimal moisture removal and weight accuracy
  • Automatic high-pressure shut-off with microprocessor indication
  • Interchangeable CPS Recovery cylinders. Use your country’s approved refrigerant cylinders. The software allows the user to set up the proper recovery tank and refrigerant parameters. Larger cylinders, such as CPS CRX390T, can be used for larger truck and bus A/C systems
  • Modular design for easy replacement of a defective plumbing, scale, electronic, compressor or vacuum pump subsystem
  • Heavy-duty construction: Powder coated steel cabinet mounted onto a 1″ tubular steel frame
  • 10″ pneumatic rear wheels and 4″ swivel casters give this unit excellent maneuverability under the worst of conditions
  • Recovers and Evacuates through both the high and low side service hoses
  • Separate Vacuum pump for faster evacuations
  • Additional service hose lengths available, 8 foot comes standard
  • Programmed electrical outlet for optional heater blanket installation
  • Oil injection on either or both the High and Low side
  • Refrigerant charging on either or both High and Low side
  • Approved for High Voltage (Hybrid) AC systems. Equipped with the Hybrid hose flush block to clear service hoses of residual oil
  • No assembly required
  • Superior mobility with heavy-duty casters and foam filled wheels
  • The multi-language interface includes: English, Spanish, French, German and Chinese
  • Flow control technology enables faster and more accurate recovery, recycling and recharging

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